Our Crusader Representative Program is linked to the AFL Queensland talent pathway program.

U12, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U18 – for both girls and boys.

Students are selected on our overall selection criteria with a focus on school attendance and behaviour. Once selected, students are monitored for ongoing satisfactory school attendance and behaviour. Failure to meet school expectations may result in students being omitted from the team.

Through this program, students have the opportunity to be selected to attend regional, state or national events.

At all AFL Cape York events, staff provide information and conduct workshops on relevant issues affecting young people living in remote locations, including the dangers of smoking, substance abuse, healthy lifestyle choices and anti-social behaviours.

As a part of the Game Development Program, the Crusader Representative Program is also based on the following core values: responsibility, respect & pride – in yourself (individual), family, school and communities.