In-School (Sport Education)

AFL Cape York’s Sport Education AFL Program is an IN-SCHOOL Program. This Program has a good balance between practical and theory. Our Program caters for both Boys & Girls enrolled from Prep to Year 12.

This Program runs for a total of five (5) weeks throughout a Term. The Program covers AFL specific skills training (handball, marking, kicking and bouncing) through drills and modified games. We also focus on developing the students gross motor and fundamental movement skills (i.e. running, jumping, catching etc.).

Session lengths vary pending on the availability of class times at each School. Predominantly sessions run from between 45-60 minutes depending on school curriculum timetables.

The program will be delivered by an appointed AFL Cape York Staff member who has a minimum Level 1 AFL Coaching Accreditation and has undertaken all the necessary professional development to deliver an effective program.

Auskick (After-School)

Auskick is a nationally accredited program which is offered to communities as an AFTER-SCHOOL participation program. This Program caters for both boys and girls. Each centre operates differently and is run specific to the community’s needs.

As a nationally accredited Program each participant pays a minimal registration fee which enables them to participate in structured training sessions over a five (5) week period.

Every participant who registers and pays for the Program will receive their own Auskick Benefit Pack.

Participants will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment.

Kids Living Better Lives Program

In conjunction with our Sport Education & Auskick Programs, AFL Cape York facilitates our Kids Living Better Lives (KLBL) Program which addresses heath, lifestyle and well-being issues aimed to improve the behaviours of Students engaged in our Program. Content includes:

Give Soft Drink the Boot

Education on the health effects of Soft Drink (and other sugary drinks) whilst identifying healthier alternatives

Bullying in My Eyes

Identifying what bulling is and reinforcing positive messaging about individual behaviours

Speak Up! Be Strong Be Heard

Raising awareness of family and domestic violence as well as educating Students about who to speak to and how to seek help if necessary

Crusader Leaders

Focusses on leadership, goal setting and personal trademarks

On the Move with Deadly Foods

Promotion of heathy food choices and the encouragement of regular physical activity

Our KLBL Program is delivered in an interactive session, conducted by AFLCY Development Coordinator/s. During the session, trained Staff will engage students through scenario-based learning, action and word association, group reinforcement messaging and question and answer time.  Program Content includes a set of learning experiences designed to facilitate the voluntary adoption of behaviours conducive to positive health and wellbeing outcomes.