Ausco Modular Gets Behind AFL CY House Foundation


AFL Cape York House Foundation has developed a strong relationship with Ausco Modular which has seen placement of a new office space at AFL Cape York House for Boys in Cairns.

The office space was built in Townsville and shipped to Cairns where it will be utilised by Boys House Manager, Kane Richter. Richter was delighted with the new development and boasted he now had a new home.

The extra office space will provide the House Manager a nicer and more private space to meet families while discussing issues with students and staff and other stakeholders.

It had been identified  that AFL CY Boys House lacks office space within the current design and the placement of a new Managers Office space will help to eliminate some space issues.  Ausco Modular, Townsville Manufacturing Manager, Craig Canning said the support for AFL CY Boys House falls nicely within their Ausco, Reconciliation Action Plan. Ausco Modular are very passionate about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and by providing the office space for Kane will enable AFL Cape York Boys House to operate more professionally.

Ausco Modular is Australia’s leading transportable hire and modular construction company having a true national footprint with branches located across Australia.

AFL Cape York House Foundation Board Member Rick Hanlon praised Craig and the team from Ausco Modular for their commitment to providing support to like-minded community organisations such as the Foundation and for acting on their organisations RAP.

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