Cairns Hardware supports AFL Cape York’s young people

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AFL Cape York House Foundation is celebrating a longstanding partnership with locally run business, Cairns Hardware.

The two organisations have been successfully working together in the Far North for several years, with Cairns Hardware generously providing sponsorships, resources and employment opportunities to the Foundation.

AFL Cape York General Manager Rick Hanlon said the two organisations share a strong relationship.

“Cairns Hardware have been a supporter of the Foundation for several years through sponsoring our golf days and providing resources for auctions and raffles to raise money for our programs.

“We currently have three of our students working in part-time positions within the organisation and that’s going really well. That’s three of our 17-year-old boys who are working and learning valuable life skills.

“Cairns Hardware have been really fantastic supporting just about everything we do through the Foundation.”

Cairns Hardware General Manager Peter Geard said the decision to support the Foundation was a very easy one for the family business.

“‘Take responsibility, everyone contributes and grow together’ are the Cairns Hardware values, and we believe they align with AFL Cape York. We consider the work that AFLCY does in the communities across the Cape to be incredibly important in developing our leaders of the future,” said Peter.

“Cairns Hardware is a family-owned business that clearly has imbedded the importance of supporting our local community in our values. With more than 400 families relying on our business for their livelihoods, we understand the need to support not-for-profits and particularly to support development of our youth,” said Peter.

“Enabling our young people to have the opportunity to grow and develop is the foundation of the future of our communities. Teaching and guiding young people to be resilient and independent takes time and commitment, and we see this in everything Rick and his amazing team do at AFLCY.

“‘Proudly supporting our local communities’ is not just a slogan, it’s an integral part of the owners’ values and indeed the values of our team.”

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