Girls Boarding Manager

Sean Hunter
Boarding manager

My Name Sean Hunter and I am the Boarding Manager here at AFL Cape York House – for Girls (AFLCYHG).

I have been Boarding Manager since the facility opened in January 2019. Prior to AFLCYHG, I was the Game Development Manager of AFL Cape York from 2017 facilitating Sport & Recreation Programs in the Cape, Torres Strait & Gulf Regions. Prior to this, I was been heavily involved in the Sports Industry here in Cairns and Sydney.

I am passionate about giving young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders the opportunity to be who they want to be and do what they want to do in their futures. I want to make AFLCYHG family-orientated, that is built on the pillars of being proud, united, committed and successful.

I have studied community services, youth work and now pursing the field of counselling – all in the effort to give your young people the best and holistic support possible.

I live onsite with my beautiful a family; my wife Liz and my three children; Bella (5), Noah (3) and Max (8 Months). I and through the support of my family and staff, want to help provide an environment that enables young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders the opportunity to grow, develop and learn.
I would like to be a positive role model that the girls can trust, look up too and share many life experiences with. I wanted the opportunity to raise and expose my family to 50 girls that are all individual and can teach my kids about who they are, where they are from and what they believe in.

I want to make this experience full of learning, life experience, fun and share memories that my family and these girls will be better for in the years to come.

I love working at AFLCYHG and with our students.

I look forward to working with you and your families whether it be today, tomorrow or in the future