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AFL Cape York House (“the House”), a not-for-profit organisation which provides educational, employment and training opportunities for young indigenous boys and girls from some of Far North Queensland’s most remote communities is set to benefit from the donation of 30 new laptops.

Established Northern Queensland based business Tosco Office National has partnered with The House in a long-term project designed to enhance educational opportunities for their students. The initiative, which will see more that 50 laptops donated over three years, was born from a deep desire to assist young people to successfully transition and support the local and remote communities.

“Tosco has long-standing ongoing relationships with many of the remote communities.  We recognise the difficulties that young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders face in today’s modern world.  We have always had the desire to contribute where possible and together with the AFL Cape York House, we are able to give back and support the community with a focus on education,” says Tosco Office National Director, Stephen Gardiner

The allocation of new laptops will be kindly welcomed by The House who are excited to receive the new equipment for their students.

As Kane Richter, the Boarding Manager AFL Cape York House – Boys explains, “Here at AFL Cape York House – Boys and Girls our aim is to support our young people from remote communities in their transition through secondary schooling. Whilst supporting their Education, Well-Being and Careers transitioning our young people can be at times at a disadvantage within the classroom. With this partnership with Tosco we will be able to support the students, families and in turn the communities within class support & resources in the way of Laptops and school equipment. Ultimately, so that our young people feel on a level playing field when working on a successful transition into what they want to do.  Building quality partnerships with organisations such as Tosco, who are passionate about supporting our future indigenous leaders, is paramount and opens doors for other opportunities for our young men and women within AFL Cape York House Boarding through work experience and Traineeships.”

And it’s not just the donation of laptops which will see this partnership grow with, the potential for further vocational experience on the agenda.

“The AFL Cape York House Foundation has been initiated to build relationships with organisations and individuals who are as passionate as we are in supporting young indigenous males and females in building resilience and providing positive life experience.  We are delighted to build a partnership with Tosco and will look to grow the relationship in the future”, says Rick Hanlon, General Manager of AFL Cape York.

“Tosco is partnering with The House long term. We are furthering measures in place internally to develop our working relationship with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and feel this is the perfect way to align ourselves moving forward,” says Stephen.

With many of the students currently loaning or sharing laptops, the new school year will see them having individual access to virtual learning platforms as they move forward with the much-needed equipment.

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