Media Release – Volunteers needed for AFL Cape York


AFL Cape York House is putting a call out for volunteers to help tutor the foundation’s boarding students.

Community members from all education backgrounds are invited to jump on board.

Boys’ House Boarding Manager Kane Richter says the aim is to have a tutor for each of their students to help the young people develop relationships and gain confidence.

“Relationships are key, so if their tutor is with them each week then their engagement in school and study will grow and we’ll see better grades and better confidence,” he says.

Kane says it’s more important for their tutors to be encouraging than it is for them to be experts on the subject matter.

“Study for our kids is anything from a year seven student doing 10 minutes of reading through to a year 12 student doing a maths assignment.

“Our kids vary from students who are operating at a year two level in year seven to kids who are looking at the uni pathway, and everything in between.”

He says having a support person in the form of the tutor is invaluable to both the student and the tutor.

“We have kids who are thousands of kilometres away from their family, their community and their culture. There’s quite a bit of stress and anxiety that builds up from that, so being able to support a young person through that is extremely rewarding.

“Seeing that young person progress through their education and wellbeing and then transition onto whatever it is that they want to do is extremely significant, and having a part in that is extremely rewarding for our volunteers.”

Girls’ House Boarding Manager Sean Hunter says they are hoping to find volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds.

“We want a really diverse range of people: people who can act as motivators, people who can act as learning support, or people who can come in and simply provide another learning resource for our students. We want to be able to find a person that best suits an individual student,” says Sean.

“Anyone that is willing to give their time up is such a great resource for young people, so we encourage it and we welcome it. If it’s one night a week or if it’s one hour a week, we are more than happy to work with our community members to help our young people.

“Not only do they get they get the benefits of learning support and life experience, but they learn how to have a conversation with someone they’re not well known to and they learn how to share their story and ask for help.”

The AFL Cape York House provides young Indigenous men and women with positive life experiences and opportunities for education and wellbeing. For more information or to volunteer as a tutor, contact Kane Richter on 4054 5199.

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  1. Hi Amanda I work for Marsh Advantage here in Cairns and as part of Marsh’s RAP we are encouraged to volunteer. I have spoken Rick Hanlon regarding what volunteer work would be of greatest assistance to AFLCY and he suggested I contact you to find out some more details on times and days you could use me as a tutor. My direct line is 07 4035 8614

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