The schools we are partnered with

AFL Cape York House have partnerships with nine local Cairns high schools and colleges, to enrol students residing at AFL Cape York House. These schools have committed to providing quality education and pastoral care for AFL Cape York House students.

Please visit the individual school websites for further information and their enrolment process:

About Bentley Park College

Their Pillars of Excellence frame learning opportunities in academia, citizenship, the arts, technology and sport with strengths in these areas witnessed every day in their students and in the career success of their graduates.
Academia – Their specific P-12 curriculum supports students’ journeys as they move through the key junctures of Prep-2, Year 3-6, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary.

Citizenship – Students develop leadership skills through active participation in community events, cultural ceremonies and peer mentoring.
Sport – Annual sporting events for all students include Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals.
Technology – SMART interactive panels are installed in every Primary, Year 7 and Special Education Program classroom and Secondary students can study a range of ICT elective subjects, such as Robotics.
The Arts – Bentley Park College offers all five arts strands – dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts.

About Cairns State High School
The Cairns State High School has, over many years, established both strong traditions and a reputation for excellence and innovative practice.

Education is the most valuable gift we can give a child. At Cairns High, they recognise that every child is unique with individual dreams and needs. By tradition, they are committed to achieving the very best possible educational outcomes for each and every student. This is achieved through a rigorous and flexible curriculum with opportunities in academic, arts and sporting excellence.

The caring, supportive and very dedicated staff work professionally to ensure that the programs at the school provide education of a high standard. Staff continue to add to and extend the innovative programs at the school to ensure the inclusion of the latest technologies and curriculum developments. 

They are very proud of the school and the opportunities it offers all students. 

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About Redlynch State College

Redlynch State College has a reputation as being one of the first choice education providers for students and their families in the Cairns area. Their College provides an environment where everyone sees themselves as a learner and thinks about each person’s future as a successful member of society.

Their goal is to foster optimal individual learning through their Prep to Year 12 seamless curriculum starting in the foundational Prep to Year 2 area into the Junior Primary Years 3 to 6, flowing into the Junior Secondary Years 7 to 9 and then the Senior Secondary Years 10 to 12. They are continuously thinking beyond the hills with the aim of every student achieving paid employment, a trade apprenticeship, or further studies in the trades or university.

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About Smithfield State High School

At Smithfield State High School they are proud to offer students in every year level the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and build skills to develop their Literate Graduate skill sets (21st century skills), particularly in the areas of collaboration, character and citizenship.

As well as the school captains and vice-captains, in the senior years they have student leaders in the areas of sport and music, along with Indigenous leaders and leaders who support students in their International Student Program.

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About Woree State High School

Teachers at Woree State High School are committed to the provision of quality learning experiences through equality of opportunity.

Woree State High School is a learning organisation that supports the right of all students to learn in a safe and supportive environment.

To ensure this happens we have developed clearly defined standards and expectations. These standards and expectations reflect our core values of:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Quality

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About St Mary’s Catholic College

St Mary’s Catholic College provides quality secondary education for boys and girls in Cairns’ southern suburbs.

St Mary’s Catholic College’s spacious grounds and modern facilities ensure students receive quality private schooling encouraging excellence in students’ academic, vocational, sporting and cultural pursuits.

St Mary’s graduates go on to contribute to the community in a range of occupations and industries. Whether it’s journalism, carpentry or science, your child will receive the necessary tools to succeed at St Mary’s.

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About Trinity Bay State High School

Learning, Respect, Relationships, Responsibility and Pride in all they do. 

Trinity Bay State High School aims to provide an engaging learning environment which enables students to achieve personal academic and vocational pathways. 

They value a positive environment where all people: 

  • feel safe, supported and valued
  • have positive attitudes respecting individual differences, beliefs and cultures
  • appreciate and use diverse resources in our school community
  • respect and enjoy a stimulating and attractive physical environment. 

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About St Andrew’s Catholic College

At St Andrew’s Catholic College, they empower the students to become life-long learners who will be active participants in social outreach programs and positive citizens in society. They wish you well in your pursuit of excellence and ambition to make a difference within the community.

Their ongoing aspect to the curriculum has been offering students opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) initiatives projects throughout the College with robotics through to engineering courses provide students with the opportunity of acquiring 21st-century skills. An inquiry-based learning approach is often used with students to actively engage in linking their studies with real-life situations and contexts.

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