AFL Cape York Girls’ House receives national recognition


A national panel of judges recognised AFL Cape York House for Girls as the top organisation in Australia for Indigenous boarding students’ health and wellbeing at the 2021 National Indigenous Boarding Awards on May 5.

The Girls’ House was awarded Excellence in the Provision of Indigenous Student Health and Wellbeing in a very special live video presentation.

The award recognised an organisation or individual who provides health and wellbeing services and programs that support participation in education and allow their students to thrive as individuals.

Girls’ House Boarding Manager Sean Hunter said the award was the result of a full team effort.

“Being recognised within the industry is extremely humbling for our organisation, but it’s also a testament to the hard work of all of our staff at AFL Cape York House for Girls,” said Sean.

“It reinforces all the hard work our staff put in to make our environments and our programs so effective, and it’s a really great acknowledgement and accomplishment for everyone involved.”

He said the award’s recognition of commitment to students’ wellbeing made the achievement even more rewarding for the House.

“Our young girls are our biggest priority within AFL Cape York House for Girls, so this recognition by our peers that we are doing an exceptional job really just validates how much passion our staff have and how much care they put towards our young people.

“It’s exciting that we’re only new and we’ve achieved quite a successful transition into this space.

“Since the day we opened, the wellbeing of our young people has been the priority, so to have a result like this shows that hard work and the direction with which we set up our facility has paid dividends.

“It gives us confidence to move forward in the years to come and to continue doing what we’re doing and trying new things to help our young people.”

The Awards presentations have previously been held at the National Indigenous Education and Boarding Symposium, but were instead announced over a special live Facebook video as a result of COVID impacts.

AFL Cape York House for Girls was one of seven winners for the evening. The House was established in 2019 with the aim to provide educational, employment and training opportunities and to ensure a culturally appropriate, safe and secure residential environment for Indigenous girls from Far North Queensland’s most remote communities. It has since formed partnerships with nine secondary schools across the region and boards almost 50 students.

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